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Welcome to PennData Internet Services...

PennData was created out of the days of BBS's (Bulletin Board Systems) popular in the late 80's and early to mid 90's. In those days, getting 'On-Line' with the Internet meant to dial in to a BBS to download current news from newsgroups you had subscribed to and picking up & sending your 'e-mail'. Websites were very plain and super slow with not much more then some text and a few low resolution images.

The Internet has come along way since then. Now-a-days computers can be connect to the Internet 24/7 at much faster speeds, allowing it's operator access to a wealth of information for just about any topic he or she is looking for, and finding it in a matter of minutes simply by using your mouse.

If you own a business or organization, your own website is a very important ingredient for success. Presenting your products or services can now be seen by the whole world through the Internet. Your business electronic mail can be sent anywhere in the world in seconds.

PennData can help your small business or organization with your 'On-Line' requirements. We design affordable sites to fit your needs and we can even host your site for you. Domain Name registration services are available. If you currently have a site, and would like to give it a 'face-lift', we can help!

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